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Brockman Catchment


“To restore balance between the environment and economy of the Brockman river and Catchment.”


“Working with the community, we will manage and develop the Natural resources of the Brockman River catchment to pass on to our kids.”


The Brockman River Catchment is the largest within the Swan-Avon Catchment, covering 1520 kmsq. The Brockman River follows the Darling Scarp, flowing through the scenic Chittering valley to enter the Swan- Avon River 40 km upstream of Perth. The greatest part of the catchment lies within the Shire of Chittering. The principal urban area within the catchment is the township of Bindoon. Other localities and social groupings within the catchment are Wannamal, Mooliabeenie, Lower Chittering, Maryville Downs and South Chittering.

Currently, an estimated 2,600 people live in the catchment. Most of the population resides in rural residential estates or on farming properties. The economy of the Brockman Catchment and the livelihood of its residents are currently based on the natural resources of land and water. Land use in the north of the catchment is mainly sheep and cattle grazing, and cropping of cereals, canola, lupins and hay. In the south, it is mainly horticulture such as citrus and grapes.

However the natural resource base of the catchment is already deteriorating because of the widespread clearing of native vegetation, the increased economic pressure on agricultural land to be more productive and the ad hoc subdivision for lifestyle blocks. Projections suggest that within the next 25 years 9,400 people will move into the area. In particular, the southern portion of the catchment will see the greatest influx as the demand for rural residential blocks increases.

Community members in the Brockman River Catchment are concerned by what they see and are involved in the following community groups: