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This association is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program, supported by Royalties for Regions.

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Clearing of the Catchments of the Ellen Brook and the Brockman River has resulted in rising water tables and erosion. Rising water tables brings salt to the surface resulting in salt scald and acidic seeps affecting areas of land on the Darling Scarp. On the palusplain of the Ellen Brook fertilisers contaminate the waterway due to the inability of the sandy soils to retain nutrients.

In 1991 concerned landcarers began action to reverse the over clearing of the area and to begin the long road to recovery for the Ellen Brook.

From these beginnings the movement grew until today, over twenty years later, waterways have been fenced , over one and a half million trees have been planted and each year the groups which have evolved from this activity work with the community to monitor birds, revegetate private and public lands, map and treat dieback and manage feral animals. The Chittering Landcare Centre which coordinates the activities of the groups, run workshops to educate landholders on issues as diverse as animal husbandry to wildflower identification.

The Ellen Brockman Region is experiencing a rapid growth in population which will always put pressure on our natural resources. Protection of remnant vegetation in the area is achieved by working with the planning processes to ensure that areas of good bush are kept for future generations to enjoy.