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Many people are making the connection between healthy land and healthy horses, and that is how the Equine Landcare movement began. Equine Landcare groups are starting up all over the country and it is our desire to support a similar group in this area.

A common question is how many horses am I allowed on my property?

Stocking rates will depend upon your soil type, how you manage your property and how you keep your horses. In the Shire of Chittering, Local Planning Policy #24 states that there is to be a maximum of one horse per two hectares of previously cleared land. If a management plan is prepared and approved this may be doubled to two horses per two hectares of land.

 What needs to go into an Equine Management Plan?

We have developed an Equine Management Plan Template to ask some prompting questions to develop your own.
Equine Management Plan Template
Equine Management Plan Template

This template includes questions abour your soils type, number of horses on the property, pasture improvement and management, weed burdens, and stabling of horses.

The following publications will help you make choices about the way you manage your property to avoid land degradation and enhance horse health.

Full List of Useful Links and Publications

Local Planning Policy #24 – Shire of Chittering