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Bullsbrook Landcare Group

North Swan LogoEstablished in 1997 and was setup to tackle issues such as repairing and protecting bushland, parks and wetlands, tree planting and the monitoring of waterways within City of Swan’s northern suburbs.


To have an informed community who care for their environment and have the skills to enhance and sustainably manage soil, water, flora and fauna on a catchment management basis. We aim to ensure that future development will consider ecological values alongside economic and social factors in all areas of land use planning and management.

Committee members are :

  • Chairperson – Judith Beer
  • Secretary – Anne Janes
  • Treasurer – Anne Sibbel
  • WA Farmers Association member – Humphery Park
  • City of Swan representative – Cr Kevin Bailey
  • Community member – Richard Janes
  • Community member – Maureen Rose
  • Community member – Wendy Claxon
  • Community member – Sandy Pate

Meetings are held on Thursdays at 7pm at Ethel Warren Community Centre,  Maroubra Ave, Bullsbrook.  Dates for 2018 are: