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2015 Workshop Wrap Up!

First Time Fencing

14th March 2015

Attendees enjoyed their experience on the 14th of March at the fencing workshop. We had originally planned to do the hands on practical part of the Workshop in the morning to avoid the heat, but it was the rain we were avoiding on the day. We managaed to erect about 100m of fencing around the wetland at the back of the Landcare Centre before morning tea, and went into the classroom afterwards to learn the theory behind it all. Thank you to Phil Humphry who donates his time and expertise for the fencing workshops. After three years of training by Phil, Megan and Bonny were able to finish off the rest of the fence the next week.


Feral Animal Forum

31st March 2015

The Feral Animal Forum organised by Sue Metcalf was a full house! With over 50 people attending it was a lively, interesting night. A lot of interesting discussions took place and it was obvious from the feedback that a lot of learning was taken away by attendees. Click here to see more of the Feral Animal Campaign in 2015.


Pasture Cropping Workshop

8th May 2015

Bob Hawke Landcarer of the Year Award winner, Colin Seis, conducted a workshop on Pasture Cropping at Wannamal Hall on Friday 8th April. This innovative method of farming ensures that ground cover is maintained all year but of major importance is that it leads to very productive land with exceptionally low inputs of fertiliser and no insecticides of fungicides required during a cropping program. In the eastern states of Australia native grasses are used extensively for pastures but Colin was equally encouraging about sub tropical perennial pastures on the sandy soils of Western Australia. Workshop participants had travelled from as far as Newdegate to hear this inspirational man speak. The workshop shifted to the Howard family farm in the afternoon to observe perennial pastures and to assess the ability for pasture cropping to succeed when direct drilling into perennials. We were treated to a precision driving and no till machinery run by Errol which showed that little damage occurred to the kikuyu pastures and that planting a crop into the pasture was quite viable. For further information a booklet will be available from the landcare centre. We acknowledge the assistance of the Australian Government through the 25th Anniversary of Landcare Grants which enabled us to fly Colin Seis here from New South Wales to conduct the workshop. Following the Colin Seis workshop some unspent funds will be used to produce a booklet outlining the methods for establishing pasture cropping systems.


Equine Landcare Launch

11th May 2015

The Equine Landcare Launch Workshop was held on Monday night. Dr Brad Hampton from Advanced Feeds talked to us about Equine Nutrition, and Paula Pownell and Rebecca Cassells came up from Manduarh area to deliver the Climate Change and Horses presentation they delivered at Equitana in 2013. Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the night. Many Equine Management Plans have come through to us for review in recent months, and we plan on holding a special workshop to develop you own Equine Management Plan.


Weed Workshop

6th June 2015

The weed workshop held here on June 6 was successful with about 26 attendees.  Stephen Hopper’s presentation was well received and we had good feedback about the other speakers also.


Get to Know Bullsbrook Bushland Field Day

20th June 2015

The workshop was held down that the Bulls Brook Biodiversity corridor was a great success with new faces in attendance. Thank you to everyone that came to make the day such a great success. Many hands make light work.



Carnabys Cockatoo Evening

18th August 2015


Birds, Wildflowers and Snakes

12th September 2015


Kayaking Nature Tour

26th September 2015

The Inaugural Kayaking Nature Tour was held on the 26th of September with perfect weather for the occasion. We had fantatic feedback from both tour sessions. To build on the success of this day, we plan to hold at least one kayaking workshop next year.


Night Stalk

29th September 2015

The Night Stalk was held at Blackboy ridge reserve on the 29th of September. We had Joe Tonga the “Bat Man” come with all his special gear to help detect Bats and other animals. Some of the species we did see during the Night stalk include an echidna, a tawny frogmouth and some interesting scorpions.