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2014 Workshops Wind-up!

2014 Workshops Wind-up!

First Time Fencing Workshop – 22nd February

The fencing workshop held on the 22nd of February was a great success. There were a few new faces at the workshop, we have been able to advertise to a wider audience thanks to social media. We would like to say a huge thank you to Phil Humphry for not only giving up his time and expertise on the day to show us the basics of fencing, but also the time he spent setting up and finishing off the fencing. We were able to fence the last of our paddocks which surround the landcare centre, and will be used for rotantional grazing.


Soils Workshop – 21st March

Over 20 people attended the Soils Workshop held on the 21st of March at Wannamal Hall. Nigel Todd from Perth Region NRM presented his current project which is investigating nitrous emissions in horticulture. Professor Lyn Abbott from UWA gave a very interesting presentation on soil microbes, and how we can look at the bugs in our own soil. The Landcare Centre is looking into purchasing a USB microscope for this purpose. Fran Hoyle from DAFWA explained the basics of soil carbon and how we can improve it. After lunch the Wannamal locals came together to discuss  the achievements of the Wannamal Lake Catchment Group and brainstorm fresh ideas for the future.

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Pasture Workshop: Back to Basics. 31st May

The Pasture Workshop was held on the 31st of May 2014. The workshop was designed to be simple, fun and practical. Darren Manning from Landmark delivered some theory in the morning before we went out in the paddock and watched the seeding demos. Thanks to all that attended!

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Birds, Wildflowers and Snakes Workshop. 6th September

This workshop held on the 6th of September was very popular, the rain didn’t scare anyone away. David from Animal Ark  gave a very entertaining presentation with the pythons, frogs and bobtails he brought along.

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Night Stalk: 1st October

Our annual night stalk was held at Blackboy Ridge this year instead of at the landcare center as in previous years. This night was very popular and was booked out quite early. We had to limit the numbers as we would be less likely to spot critters in a large group. We had Joe Tonga aka ‘the Bat Man’, with us to guide us through the reserve. With him he had a ‘Foxpro’, a unit that emits night vision scope, and a UV light to hunt for scorpions. It was a calm, clear night with a full moon, ideal conditions for a nightstalk and we end up spotting an echidna nd an owl.

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Animal Husbandry Workshop 11th October

On the 11th of October we held the Animal Husbandry Workshop at the Landcare Centre. Dr Roy Butler from DAFWA presented the basics of sheep nutrition and health, and Megan Harrod from the Livestock Biosecurity Network informed attenddees of the legal obligations of livestock ownership as well as biosecurity precautions. After morning tea, Dr Barb Frey gave an interesting presentation on the keeping of chooks, and Ian McPharlane from DAFWA presented information on stable fly. After lunch we marked, tagged and tailed this year’s lambs from our small flock of Cheviots.

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Wannamal Sundowner 21st October

The Wannamal Lake Catchment Group wanted to host an event to be held in conjunction with their AGM this year. Sabrina Hahn was the main attraction for the evening, with over 30 attendees listening to her gardening stories after dinner and drinks. Other presentation included Sue Metcalf’s ‘Feral Project’, and Jan Bant from the Friends of the Western Swamp Tortoise. We also had soil microbiology displays and water testing available.

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