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Feral Pigs

After completing training as feral technicians (funded by the McCusker Foundation) two of the operators went on to get their Health Department certification and lodge business names.

These operators, WA Feral Management and Wilkos Vermin Control were employed to trap pigs in the Chittering Valley in 2013. They were very successful, capturing over 114 pigs within a three month period.  In this period they learnt a lot about the movements of pigs through the Valley and trapping.

The Chittering Gingin Invasive Species Group has formed links with the Southern Feral Pig Advisory Committee and as a recent meeting of the Committee our operators were congratulated on their professional approach.  The use of motion sensitive cameras has been a very useful tool and understanding the behaviour of the animals has enabled effective trapping.

The Ellen Brockman ICG has been successful in obtaining a State NRM Grant of $46,000 to extend the feral control program. This will build upon the successful project, funded by the McCusker Charitable Foundation which eliminated 134 pigs, in three months, from the Valley.

The following actions will be undertaken –

In the Chittering Valley, trapping of feral pigs which are damaging waterways, orchards and native vegetation.  This area extends from Kay Road in Bindoon to the Swan River.

On large properties – over three kilometres from external dwellings, in the Shires of Gingin, Chittering and the City of Swan, shooting and baiting using 1080 baits will be conducted to manage foxes, which are predating long necked turtles, small mammals and insects.  As a spin off for small property owners there will be a lot less predation of your chook runs!!!

If you have any questions on this program, or to register an interest please contact Rosanna Hindmarsh at the Landcare Centre on 9571 0400.

It is expected that this program will remove 300 pigs and over 500 foxes from our local environment.

To further understand the impact that these animals and others have on our environment the following link to an Australian Government Website

It is truly distressing to know that introduced animals have caused extinctions and devastated the Australian environment. Every person has a role to play in prevention.  The Chittering Landcare Centre has begun the campaign for our area.

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